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Order a population registration certificate

Here you can print or order a population registration certificate. A population registration certificate is an extract from the population register which shows the information available about you, for example, name, address and civil status.

New procedure for population registration certificates from May 15

As of 15 May 2017 we will no longer issue population registration certificates at our service offices. You can find and order a population registration certificate on this page.

All population registration certificates

There are different certificates since they show different information and are used in different situations.

Common requests from foreign authorities

Here we have gathered information on birth certificates, marriage certificates, marriage licences, legalisation and apostille stamps.

See if new information about you has been registered

If you want to check your name or the address at which you are registered, you can log in to “Mina sidor”. Under the tab “Privat/Personuppgifter” you can also see information about your civil status and any children under the age of 18 for whom you are guardian.

Common questions concerning population registration certificates

Why have I not received the population registration certificate I ordered?

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When you order a population registration certificate it will be sent to the address where you are registered as living. You can log in to Mina sidor (in Swedish) to check your registered address.

If you do not live at that address or if you do not have a registered address you must report a change of address via the e-service Flyttanmälan (in Swedish).

If you want to have your post delivered to another adress (for at least six months) you can report a special postal address (särskild postadress).

» Information about särskild postadress (in Swedish)

If you have moved from Sweden you must report an address abroad. Fill in the blanket New address (Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad, Anmälan - SKV 7842).

» Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad - SKV 7842 (in Swedish)

Can I order a population registration certificate for my child in the e-service?

In our e-service you can only order a population registration certificate for yourself. To order a certificate for your child, you can either use our service Find and receive the correct population registration certificate or call us at 0771–567 567. The certificate will be sent to you by post.

» Find and receive the correct population registration certificate

When do I need a population registration certificate?

You only need to order a population registration certificate when someone requests a population registration certificate from you.

The Swedish Tax Agency shares the information concerning you in the population register with other authorities and private companies, for example banks. This means that you do not need to personally notify these bodies that you have moved or changed name. The notification is instead sent automatically.

Co-ordination number

Those who have a co-ordination number cannot order a population registration certificate. Call us on 0771-567 567 and order an extract showing that you have been assigned a co-ordination number which you can present instead.

Protected personal data

If you or someone in your family has protected personal data, you can download or print out a population registration certificate via our e-service or call the Tax Agency on 0771-567 567 and ask to speak to a case officer.

The population registration certificate is not a form of identification

It is important to remember that a population registration certificate cannot be used to prove your identity. It is only an extract that shows what is registered in the population register.


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