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Explanation of the document population registration certificate.

Population registration certificate

A population registration certificate is a document that shows some of the information registered about a person in the Swedish Population Register. The information in the Population Register derives from approved data and decisions made by The Swedish Tax Agency as well as other Swedish authorities.

The Swedish Tax Agency is responsible for the Population Register in Sweden and therefore the only authority competent to issue a document of this type, containing this information.

The Swedish Population Register contains, inter alia, information about an individual’s personal identity number, name, address, date and place of birth, family, guardians, civil status and citizenship. It also contains date of death for deceased.

Stamp and signature

Extracts from the population registration that include more than one page, is seen from our perspective as one document and will be verified with a stamp (in Swedish) and a signature on the last page. To Swedish authorities we do not provide stamps at all.

You can get the following population registration certificates with a stamp and a signature:

  • Family certificate (Familjebevis)
  • Extract of the population register – 120 med alla relationer – in English (Utdrag om folkbokföringsuppgifter – 120 med alla relationer – på engelska)
  • Extract of the population register – 120 med alla relationer – in Swedish (Utdrag om folkbokföringsuppgifter – 120 med alla relationer – på svenska)

Order a certificate with a stamp and a signature

A population registration certificate with a stamp (in Swedish) and a signature can be ordered from our service Find and receive the correct population registration certificate.

The certificate will be sent by post to the registered address (folkbokföringsadress) or special postal address (särskild postadress) within two working days.

» Order a stamped population registration certificateexternal link

Birth certificate and marriage certificate

International birth certificates or marriage certificates are not issued in Sweden, as is done in some countries. The document that corresponds to a birth certificate and a marriage certificate is the document Extract of the population register.


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