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Block unauthorised change of address

You can prevent unauthorised persons from changing your address using the e-service Block Unauthorised Change of Address. This service allows you to prevent the Tax Agency from approving changes of address unless they are made using electronic identification. This reduces the risk of someone using your personal data for fraud and identity theft.

The e-service Block Unauthorised Change of Address can only be used by private individuals. It is not available to companies.

You must be over the age of 18 to use this service.

Block unauthorised change of address

Use the e-service to prevent changes of address being made without electronic identification.

Block unauthorised change of address

Do you not have electronic identification?

Family members can change your address

When you have blocked unauthorised change of address, family members who are registered at the same address as you are still able to change your address if they use electronic identification. Family members include spouses, registered partners, children, parents and cohabitees (if you have children together).

(Monitor your address free of charge)



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