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Make sure your mail reaches the correct address

When you report a change of address, you will be registered at the correct address with the Tax Agency. This has an impact on, for example, the amount of tax you have to pay and your entitlement to various benefits. The Tax Agency distributes your new address to many authorities and companies, but if you want other mail to be forwarded, you need to order this paid service from Svensk Adressändring.

What you need to think of when you are moving within Sweden.

The address at which you are registered has an impact on matters including the municipality in which you pay tax. It also affects social planning in general – for example, the construction of housing, elderly care facilities and schools.

The address is distributed to government agencies

When you report a change of address, the Tax Agency distributes your new address to many government agencies, municipalities and county councils, for example

  • The Swedish Social Insurance Agency
  • The Swedish Migration Agency
  • Lantmäteriet
  • The Swedish Transport Agency
  • The Swedish Board for Study Support
  • The Swedish Pensions Agency.

Many companies such as major banks and insurance companies receive your new address.

However, you might need to report your new address to private individuals, associations and organisations of which you are a member, magazines you subscribe to and companies you want to be sure have your new address.

Mail forwarding

Forwarding means that mail addressed to your old address is sent to your new address. However, forwarding alone does not change your address in the population register. If you want your mail to be forwarded, you can order this paid service from Svensk Adressändring AB. Your mail is then forwarded for a certain period, usually one year.

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