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Getting married in Sweden or abroad

Before a ceremony in Sweden, you must apply to the Tax Agency for a consideration of impediments to marriage. You may get married in Sweden even if you do not reside in Sweden.

Information from the Church of Sweden about getting married abroadexternal link, opens in new windowWhen the consideration of impediments to marriage is complete, you will receive a certificate of no impediment and a wedding certificate from the Tax Agency. You must provide these to the officiant.

In Sweden it is possible to get married

  • within a faith community by an authorised officiant (religious ceremony) or
  • before an officiant appointed by the county administrative board (civil ceremony).

For more information regarding religious ceremonies, contact the faith community in question, for example a parish in the Church of Sweden. You can book a civil ceremony at the municipal office.

After the ceremony, the bridal couple receives a marriage certificate from the officiant as a memento of the ceremony. The officiant also fills in the wedding certificate and sends this back to the Tax Agency where the marriage is registered in the population register.

If you have a certificate of no impediment from another Nordic country and get married in Sweden, the officiant must send a notification of the ceremony to the Swedish Tax Agency. The Tax Agency then registers the ceremony in the population register.


Getting married abroad

You can get married abroad before either a Swedish or a foreign authority. After getting married abroad, you must present a certificate to the Swedish Tax Agency to confirm that the marriage has taken place. If the Tax Agency deems the marriage to be valid in Sweden, it is registered in the population register.

If you have got married abroad to a person who has never been registered in the Swedish population register, it is also good if you present a copy of your spouse's passport to the Tax Agency.

Before a Swedish authority

You can get married before a Swedish authority abroad if you or the person you are marrying is a Swedish citizen. You then turn to a Swedish embassy, a Swedish consulate or the Church of Sweden. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has information on which embassies and consulates perform marriages. The Church of Sweden has information about where you can get married abroad under the regulations of the Church of Sweden.

Remember to take the certificate of no impediment and the wedding certificate from the Tax Agency with you.


Before a foreign authority

First contact the foreign authority to find out which documents may be required for a ceremony in that country and whether or not the documents need to be stamped by an administrator from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Marriage licence

A foreign authority can, for example, require that you provide a marriage licence prior to the ceremony. A marriage licence is a personal document showing that you have the right to get married. This means that two Swedish citizens getting married before a foreign authority each need a licence.

If you are a Swedish citizen and registered in Sweden, you apply for a marriage licence from the Swedish Tax Agency by filling in the form SKV 7881.

If you are a Swedish citizen but reside abroad, you must instead contact the closest Swedish embassy or consulate.

If you are registered in Sweden but not a Swedish citizen, you can present a document that confirms your civil status, for example Extract from the Population Register.

Marriage certificates

Sweden does not issue international marriage certificates as proof that two people have got married. The document corresponding to the marriage certificate is the population registration certificate Extract from the Population Register. It is available in Swedish or in English.


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