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Working in Sweden

If you work in Sweden, you often need to register for and pay taxes.

If you stay in Sweden for at least six months and during that time, or part of it, work here you will most often be fully liable for Swedish income tax on all your income and register to be taxed in Sweden. If you stay in Sweden for less than six months, you or your employer will most often need to apply for a Special income tax decision (Swe: SINK).

Working in Sweden while staying here for less than six months

If you reside in another country and work in Sweden, your employment income from work in Sweden will normally be taxed in Sweden. In most cases you will need to file an application for taxation in accordance with the Special Income Tax for Non-Residents Act. This is valid if you work for a Swedish employer or a foreign employer who is established in Sweden.

Working in Sweden while staying here for at least six months

If you stay in Sweden for at least six months and work here part of or the whole time you must register for income taxation. If your stay is more than one year you may apply to be registered in the Swedish Population Register.

When staying for at least six months, you are considered as resident in Sweden for tax purposes, and are liable for taxation in Sweden on all of your worldwide income. You must also file a Swedish income tax return. Your tax return must be filed no later than May 2nd of the year after the fiscal year.

Asylum seeker in Sweden

While you are waiting for a decision regarding your application for asylum with the Swedish Migration Board, you may work in Sweden. If you have an employment, you can and need to apply for a Swedish A-tax certificate.

Directly employed by a non-established foreign company

If you work for a foreign employer that does not have a permanent establishment in Sweden, you are required to pay your own preliminary taxes monthly and apply for a Swedish SA-tax certificate (Special A-tax certificate).

If you have entered into an agreement on the payment of social security contributions with your employer, that states that you are the payee, you need to register specifically to make those payments, with a separate registration number.

Residing in Sweden while unemployed

If you are an EU-citizen, you may reside in Sweden while seeking employment for three months. When employed, you need to register for taxation in Sweden.


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