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Special postal address

Register a special postal address with the Tax Agency if you want your mail to be delivered to an address other than your address in the population register for a period of at least six months. This applies both in Sweden and abroad? It does not cost anything to register a special postal address.

Moving AbroadA special postal address is a complement to your address in the population register. There is thus no change to your population registration.

Registering or terminating a special postal address

You can use the e-service to report a special postal address in Sweden or abroad. Register the address in advance, but not more than one month before the special postal address is to take effect. You can also use the e-service to terminate a special postal address.

Do you not have electronic identification?

Your mail reaches the correct address

The special postal address is automatically distributed to the majority of government agencies and other companies that obtain information from the population register.

However, you may also need to inform private individuals, associations and organisations of which you a member of, magazines you subscribe to and companies you want to be sure have your special address

Mail forwarding

Forwarding means that mail sent to your address in the population register is forwarded to your special address. If you want your mail to be forwarded, you can order this paid service from Svensk Adressändring AB.

Special postal address abroad

You can register a special postal address in Sweden or abroad. If you are going to live abroad for more than one year, you do not register a special postal address. In this case, you report a move abroad. You can find more information about this under Moving Abroad.

Terminating a special postal address

When you no longer want the special postal address to apply, you must register this using the e-service Special Postal Address.

If it is not possible for you to use the e-service, you can use the form Notification - Special Postal Address (SKV 7844). You send the form to the address on the form.

Please note that the special postal address does not cease to apply automatically if you report a change of address and change your address in the population register.

(Monitor your address free of charge)


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