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Reporting a change of address

When you move, you must report your change of address to the Swedish Tax Agency so that your address is correct in the population register. Reporting your change of address is free of charge and you can be done quickly and easily using the Tax Agency's e-service.

This video is a guide for using our online service Flyttanmälan to notify the Swedish Tax Agency of your move within Sweden.

Log in to the e-service using Mobile BankID or another form of electronic identification:

Report your change of address in advance or no later than one week after you have moved. Your new address will then apply from the day you move in. If you report your change of address more than one week after you have moved, your new address will apply from the day the report was received by the Tax Agency.

How to report a change of address

  • Using the Tax Agency's e-service (Report a change of address) – this only takes a few minutes.
  • Print out a form and send it to us by mail.
  • If you have special needs, you can telephone us and we will help you.

Your mail reaches the correct address

Reporting a change of address is not the same as having your mail forwarded.

Blocking a change of address

Prevent unauthorised persons from changing your address.


Moving to study

You must be registered in the place you are studying.

Monitor your address free of charge

If you have a secure digital mailbox for mail from government agencies, you will now receive a message as soon as your address in the population register is changed. This service is free of charge and is a quick and secure way to keep an eye on your address.

In the digital mailbox, you choose whether you want to receive a text message or an email when you have official mail from the Tax Agency or other authorities.

The website minameddelanden.se contains information about how to obtain a secure digital mailbox and about what mail you can receive digitally from the Tax Agency and other authorities.



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