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Moving within Sweden

When you move within Sweden, you shall notify the Tax Agency of your move within a week. Registering a move is free of charge and if you have e‑identification, you can do it directly on the website.  

If you want to notify the Tax Agency about a move and want to speak English, the simplest way is to call us on 0771–567 567 and we will help you.

Notify your move on the website

The easiest way to notify your move is to do it with your e-identification (for instance the Mobilt BankID) in the e-service "Gör flyttanmälan". The e-service is only available in Swedish.

You may use the form Anmälan - Flyttning inom Sverige (SKV 7845) if you do not have an e-identification (for instance the Mobilt BankID). The form is in Swedish.

Notify the Tax Agency within a week

When you move within Sweden, you shall notify the Tax Agency of your move within a week. If your notification is received prior to or within a week of the day you moved, your address will be changed in the population register as of the moving date. If the notification is received later than a week after your move, your address will be changed as of the day the notification was received.

You should be registered where you live

Your residence is the place where you sleep at night, or where you otherwise sleep at least one seventh of the time, e.g., once a week, twice every other week or three months of the year.

If you live in more than one home, this normally qualifies as dual domicile. Which of these homes you must be registered at depends on several circumstances, e.g. if you share one of the homes with your family, where your place of work is, or how much of your time you spend in each of the homes.

Registration of minors

A notification of minors (i.e., persons under the age of 18) changing residence must be signed by their guardian. If the minor has two guardians, they must both sign the notification.

Children who have turned 16 years old are entitled to give notification of their own move. If the child is between the ages of 16 and 18, either the minor or the guardian(s) can sign the notification.

Children are entered in the population register according to the same rules as adults – in other words they have to be registered in the place they live. Children who have dual domicile because their parents don’t live together are also registered according to the same rules as adults.

If a child is under the custody of two guardians who don’t live together, the child may be registered with either of the two guardians as agreed between them, on condition that the child spends about the same amount of time with both guardians.

The population register does not affect matters of custody, access rights or living arrangements regarding the child.

Do you intend to study elsewhere?

If you are over the age of 18 and are moving on the grounds of your academic studies, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency that you are moving to the place of study.

If you are younger than 18 and have to move away from your parents due to your studies, you should remain registered where they live. This applies while you are completing a secondary or upper secondary (or equivalent) education that you began before you turned 18, but ceases to apply once you turn 21.

Persons with co-ordination numbers

The Swedish Tax Agency registers the addresses of persons with co-ordination numbers. If the identity of a person who has a co-ordination number is established, the Swedish Tax Agency also updates the address in SPAR (the State population and address register).

If you have a co-ordination number and want to register an address with the Swedish Tax Agency, you can do it using the form for ”Special Postal Address” (SKV 7844).

Being correctly registered is important

To receive the social services you are entitled to

These include housing benefits, association contributions or domiciliary care.

To make sure your mail reaches you

It is important for you to receive community information, payments and bills on time.

To have your address distributed

Having your correct address in the population register means that various authorities and other important actors in society have access to it.

To claim insurance compensation

Most insurance companies require you to be registered at the residence for which you claim compensation for injuries and loss in the event of burglary or fire etc.

To pay the right amount of tax

The taxes you are obligated to pay vary from one municipality to another.

To vote where you live

You should be able to affect the municipality you live in.


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