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Changing and deregister your business

When your business in Sweden changes in any way that may affect your taxes, you must inform the Swedish Tax Agency about the changes and, in some cases, change your registration. You may also need to change your preliminary tax.

If you started your business in Sweden you need to report the following changes to the Swedish Tax Agency:

  • Change of accounting year
  • Change of taxation period for VAT
  • Changes in the nature of your business activities  
  • Starting or ceasing to employ personnel
  • Changes in ownership for Swedish companies that are taxed in accordance with the Regulations for Closely Held Companies (in Swedish: fåmans företags reglerna)

The SKV 4639 form can be used to report such changes.

Foreign businesses established in Sweden

Examples of changes that you need to inform the Swedish Tax Agency about:

  • Change of address 
  • Longer or shorter duration of stay in Sweden
  • Longer or shorter construction projects in Sweden
  • Starting or ceasing to employ personnel in Sweden
  • Changes in the business activities performed in Sweden
  •  Increase or decrease in profits that affects preliminary tax
  • Change of accounting year
  • Change of tax period for VAT

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