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Registering a Business

Registering a business for tax purposes in Sweden differs depending on if you are currently operating a business abroad that you want to establish in Sweden, or if you are starting a new business in Sweden. For certain foreign companies who are not established in Sweden but sell goods to Swedish consumers or e-services within the EU, special rules apply.

New e-service for filing financial income statements

You can now submit your income statements via a new e-service, which uses the XML format for secure file transfer. Filing via USB and CD will no longer be possible. Income statements for income year 2015 should be submitted no later than January 31, 2016.

Establishing your foreign business in Sweden

You need to register your foreign business in Sweden for taxation, including registering a Swedish branch or subsidiary of a foreign company. You need to register if you are liable for any Swedish taxes; including income tax or VAT.

Starting a new business in Sweden

You can register a Swedish business as a sole trader resident in Sweden (self-employed) or register a new Swedish legal person for taxation.

Changing your registration

If your circumstances have or will change, you have to change your registration information and preliminary tax debiting. It is best to make such changes as soon as possible, to ensure the correct taxation.

Selling goods to Sweden from abroad – VAT

If you are selling goods directly to Swedish consumers from abroad within the EU, the VAT rules may require you to register and pay Swedish VAT on such sales.

Foreign companies operating in Sweden in the financial field

Such companies may need to submit annual income statements (Swedish abbreviation KU) to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Non-EU entrepreneurs: VAT on electronic services (VOES)

Non-EU businesses who sell E-services are free to register at a single national tax agency within the EU, for example with the Swedish Tax Agency. We will then be that business’s one stop shop for registering, declaring and paying such VAT.


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