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Apply for a refund of excise duty on fuel without a Swedish eID

If you are a sole trader who cannot get a Swedish eID or a legal entity without a Swedish registration number, please use a special form to apply for a refund of excise duty on fuel. In this section you can find the forms needed for your application. Please note that there are different forms depending on the type of business activity.

Use our e-service

If you have a Swedish eID, use the e-service "Återbetalning – punktskatt" (Refund of excise duty).

This what you have to do if you cannot get a Swedish eID

Step 1: Fill in the form for your business activity

1. Open the form.

2. Enter the information.

3. Mark the signature box and write your signature using a mouse, touchpad or other device.

4. Click "Save".

5. Choose "Save" in the dialogue box that appears. The form will be saved as a PDF file in your “Downloaded files” folder if you do not choose to save it somewhere else.

Step 2: Send the form to the Swedish Tax Agency

1. Click on the link “Attach the form here”.

2. Attach your PDF document by clicking the button "Select document".

3. Select the area “Refund of excise duty”.

4. Enter your contact details.

5. Press the button “Send”.


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