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Living in another country

If you have moved from Sweden and are residing in another country you may still be liable for tax in Sweden for income which has its source here.

If you are living in another country you have to file an income tax return in Sweden if, during 2014, you:

Your Swedish income tax return

You will normally receive a Swedish pre-printed tax return, if you have an obligation to file a tax return for any of the the reasons stated above. If you do not receive your Swedish tax return, you can contact the tax information service (Swe: “Skatteupplysningen”).

Tax registration number for non-residents

A special tax registration number for tax purposes only will be assigned to you if you are regarded as non-resident in Sweden. The special tax registration number has the same number of digits as a Swedish personal identity number, always beginning with 30.

A special tax registration number can also be assigned to you if you live outside Sweden, and have never resided in Sweden, but have to report an income in Sweden, for example if you have bought a flat and have to report a rental income from renting it out. In order to be assigned a special tax registration number, contact the tax information service (Swe: “Skatteupplysningen”) on 0771 57 567 or (from abroad) +46 8 564 851 60.

Last date for submitting your income tax return to the Swedish Tax Agency

Your income tax return must have been received by the Swedish Tax Agency no later than 4 May 2015. The address to send it to is on the income tax return.

File your Swedish income tax return electronically

If all the details on your income tax return are correct, and there is nothing you need to change, you can submit the return via the internet or by phone using the verification codes printed on the tax specification, instead of posting the paper original.

To file your return via the internet, go to www.skatteverket.se (Log in, e‑tjänster [e‑services] -Select e-tjänst [e-service]- Inkomstdeklaration 1 [Income tax return 1]). Further information on how to proceed is available there (in Swedish).

To approve your Swedish tax return via telephone from another country, call +46 8 764 92 40 (service in Swedish only) instead of the phone number shown on the specification.

What is the deadline for paying your taxes?

You will be notified of your final tax no later than December 2015. You will also receive a statement indicating whether you have tax to pay or if tax will be refunded to you. If you have to pay tax, the amount due has to be paid to the Swedish Tax Agency by the deadline specified in the statement.

How to pay your tax

Taxes must be paid to the Swedish Tax Agency via Bankgiro 5050-1055

If you have a Swedish bank account, you can notify us through your bank that you wish to have any refunded tax paid directly into your account.

Submit your bank account details

If you have a Swedish bank account, you can ask your bank to notify us that you would like to have any refunded tax deposited directly into this account. Please note that a refund of less than SEK 2,000 will only be made automatically if you have notified us of the account.

Unless you expressly request a refund, any refund of less than SEK 2,000 will remain in your tax account at the Swedish Tax Agency.

Change of address

It is important to notify the Swedish Tax Agency of any change to your address. Otherwise you risk not receiving your income tax return and information regarding your final tax. For additional information, you can contact the tax information service (Swe: “Skatteupplysningen”).

To notify us of your new address abroad you can submit the form Ny address/röstlängd för utvandrad, Anmälan, SKV 7842.

Living in another country

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