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The Marriage Register

The Marriage Register contains information from 1921 onwards about the legal relationship between spouses and between registered partners.

This can include dates and other information concerning divorces and divisions of joint property. However, it does not register all marriages entered into.

Some family law documents must be registered in order to become legally valid between you as spouses so that you, for example, will be able to protect yourselves against each other’s lenders. It is the Swedish Tax Agency that makes decisions concerning registration. For this reason, turn to the Tax Agency in order to register

  • marriage contracts
  • gifts between spouses
  • notifications of the division of joint property during marriage
  • division of joint property documents.

In addition to its use by private individuals, the Marriage Register is also used by courts, county administrative boards, social authorities, the police, lawyers, banks, burial societies, estate agents, insurance companies and credit reference agencies, etc. The Marriage Register is public.

Approximately 40,000 pieces of information are entered into the Marriage Register every year. Of these, approximately 21,000 are divorces.

On 1 October 2011, responsibility for the Marriage Register was transferred from Statistics Sweden to the Swedish Tax Agency.


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