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Receiving the finished ID card

It normally takes about two weeks before the ID card is ready. If something in your application needs to be investigated further, it can take more time.

When the card is ready, you will receive a letter from the Tax Agency in two parts; a notification letter and a letter with the PIN and PUK codes. In the notification letter, you will be told that your ID card is ready to be collected at the Tax Agency offices. You must collect the ID card in person and take the notification part of your letter with you.

If you are unable to collect your ID card within two months, you must contact the Tax Agency.

The letter also contains your PIN and PUK codes for the electronic identification with your new ID card. Do not take these codes with you when you collect your ID card. Never keep the codes together with the card. The codes must be kept as a valuable document.

If you are wondering why you have not received a letter, call the Tax Information line. They will be able to explain why it is taking a long time.

Remember to always register your new address with the Tax Agency if you move.

This is what the letter from the Tax Agency looks like:

Exempel på brev från Skatteverket

ID card validity period

The ID card is valid for five years (if it has not been blocked before this time, for example if it is stolen). Remember to apply for a new ID card in good time before the current card expires.

If you change your name or personal identity number

It is important that the ID card contains the correct personal details, i.e., the details that we have on our population register. If you change your personal details, you must apply for a new ID card. The Tax Agency does not send any reminders.


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