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How to apply for an ID card

You apply for an ID card by visiting one of the Tax Agency offices. You can read about what happens when you visit one of our offices to apply for an ID card.

When you arrive at the Tax Agency office to apply for an ID card, you must be able to provide a receipt showing that you have paid the application fee. You must also be able to demonstrate who you are, i.e. prove your identity. Read about the conditions that you must fulfil in order to apply for an ID card:

Remember that there are only certain offices that issue ID cards.

The application process:

You submit an electronic application

When you arrive at the Tax Agency offices, you will complete an electronic application for an ID card. If you have an attestor with you, they must complete and sign the form Identitetskort – Intygsgivare (SKV 1503) [ID card – Attestor] in connection with your visit to the offices. If you are under the age of 18, your guardian must complete the form Identitetskort med e-legitimation – Vårdnadshavares medgivande (SKV 1502) [Identity card with e-legitimation – Guardian's permission]. If you have two guardians, they must both sign the form.

You will be photographed and we will measure your height

You do not need to take a photograph with you to the Tax Agency offices as you will be photographed there.

You write your signature

You will write your signature, which will appear on the card, and approve the electronic application with the details that will be used when manufacturing the card and which will also appear on it. You can also read the conditions for the Telia e-legitimation service here.

» Read terms and Conditions för Telia's E-legitimation (SKV 1598B)


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