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Tax refund

If you have received salary as an employee, are a sole trader or if you receive a pension you can get a tax refund (if a refund is due). This applies if the refund to be paid out is SEK 100 or more and if you have given details of an account that the credit can be paid into.

Give details of the account the tax refund should be paid into

The fastest way to get back the amount owing to you is to have it paid into your Swedish private bank account. Tell the bank which account the money should be paid into. The bank statement will show which account you have nominated.

Have the tax refund paid into an overseas bank account

If you would like the credit to be paid into an overseas bank account, you will need to submit an original, signed certificate from the bank showing that the bank account belongs to you. The certificate must be dated no more than 6 months ago.

You must submit the following details:

  • Bank name
  • Bank address
  • IBAN number or similar
  • Swift code/BIC

If you are uncertain about what information is needed, contact your bank and ask them to provide the necessary details.


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