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Road user charges (tolls) for foreign heavy goods vehicles

This information applies only to foreign-registered heavy goods vehicles using the Swedish road network. Different rules apply to Swedish-registered heavy goods vehicles.

One charge – for four countries

Sweden has signed up to the agreement between Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands on road user charges. A user charge - or toll - paid in one of these participating countries will also be valid for the road network in the other countries. Since the 1st of October 2008 no vignettes will be issued when payment is registered.

A new payment system will give the participating countries access to all the information on the vignette, stored online in a central database. The police can search this database in order to check if the toll for a certain vehicle has been paid, regardless of nationality. This allows for increased and better supervision of payments, without the need to stop vehicles in order to control the vignettes.

What sort of vehicles are affected?

Trucks and truck/trailer combinations, with a total weight of 12 tons or more, that are used for the transport of goods.

Which roads have tolls?

All motorways, the E10, E12 and E14 routes, the E4 between Gävle and the Finnish border, the E22 between Karlskrona and Norrköping and the E65 between Svedala and Ystad.

When and where should the toll be paid?

Before the vehicle sets out on a toll road, i.e. one where a user charge is payable the toll must be paid.

Payment can be made at certain petrol/diesel stations and forwarding agents.

How much is the toll?

It depends on what distance you are intending to drive on a toll road, the emission category of your vehicle (EURO 0, 1 or 2) and the number of axles of the truck or truck/trailer combination. You can pay for day, week, month or year.  For more details, please see the current tariff.

Note that the chargeable period for day is 00.00–24.00. So, if a journey on a toll road begins, for example, at 21.30 on one day and finishes at 02.30 next day, payment for two days is required.

Tolls are paid in SEK. The annual charge may be adjusted at each year-end, to reflect any changes in the exchange rate between Swedish kronor and the euro.

Toll Tariff 2017 – Three axles or less

Emission Class

Toll for 1 day

Toll for 1 week

Toll for 1 month

Toll for 1 year





9 209





8 154

2 or cleaner




7 194


Toll Tariff 2017 – Four axles or above

Emission Class

Toll for 1 day

Toll for 1 week

Toll for 1 month

Toll for 1 year




1 486

14 869




1 343

13 430

2 or cleaner



1 199

11 991


What happens if a heavy good vehicle is being used but no toll has been paid?

The paying system will enable all the information from the earlier vignettes to be stored in a central database which the police will have access to. This means that the vignettes are no longer needed in order to check on payments.

How is payment enforced?

If a truck is driven on a toll road without the toll being paid, the police are empowered to confiscate the vehicle's registration plates and halt the journey. In addition, the driver and owner may be subject to a fine or imprisonment.

Are refunds available on unused tolls?

Any refunds may be made for a fee paid for the year, month, week or day. The Swedish Tax Agency decides on refunds, but an applications for a refund should be sent to AGES. Please find the adress below. The amount refunded is calculated on the basis of the number of days remaining in the toll period, starting on the day on which the application is received by the AGES. An administration fee of 25 euros is deducted from the amount of the refund.


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