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The Marriage Register – background

Since 1 October 2011, the Marriage Register has been held by the Swedish Tax Agency, which is also responsible for entering information in the register concerning, for example, divorces, marriage contracts, gifts between spouses, notifications of
division of joint property and division of joint property documents. The information is obtained from courts and private individuals.

The Marriage Register was previously held by Statistics Sweden (SCB) in Örebro. It was established in 1921 in conjunction with a reform to the marriage legislation and the adoption of a new marriage code. Statistics Sweden then became the registration authority for information that, in accordance with the law, must be reported to the Marriage Register. Due to legislative changes, the content of the Marriage Register has varied over the years, as follows:

Information from district courts

From the year 1921 onwards:

  • divisions of joint property
  • marriage contracts
  • divorces
  • void marriages.

For the years 1921–1973:

  • legal separations
  • annulments of marriage.

For the years 1921–1987:

  • separation of property.

From the year 1988 onwards:

  • gifts between spouses
  • notifications of divisions of joint property
  • dismissal decisions in divorce cases.

From 1989:

  • division of joint property documents.

Information from courts of appeal and the Supreme Court

From 1921:

  • judgements and decisions in appealed cases.

From the year 1984:

  • decisions on the recognition of foreign judgements concerning divorces.

Information from property register authorities

For the years 1972–1987:

  • agreements under Chapter 12, Section 2 of the Real Property Formation Act.

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