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Divorce/dissolution of partnership

 In order to obtain a dissolution of marriage you turn to the district court. When the district court has decreed a divorce, it informs the Swedish Tax Agency, which registers the divorce in the population register once it is final.

The equivalent applies when a court has ruled on the dissolution of a registered partnership. More information on how to proceed if you want to get divorced is available on the Courts of Sweden website.

Attach population registration certificate

The district court often requests that you attach two population registration certificates – one for you and one for the person to whom you are married. The simplest way to order the population registration certificate Divorce is via our online form. After approximately two working days, the population registration certificate arrives at your population registration address or special postal address.


If you have divorced abroad, you must apply to have the divorce registered in the population register. To do so you must visit the closest service office and request that the divorce be registered. You must take your decree of divorce with you. It is important that it is stated on the decree of divorce that it has been finalised.

The equivalent also applies to rulings concerning the dissolution of partnerships abroad.

If you have any questions you can contact the tax information service on +46 771-567 567.


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