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Real-property owners living abroad

If you move away from Sweden but own a house or a block of flats in Sweden on which contruction has been completed, you have to pay a municipal property charge.

“House” in this context refers to a one- or two-family home such as a detached or terraced house, or a holiday cottage. You will need to file a Swedish tax return and pay a property charge.

Subletting your property

If you are subletting your house or freehold flat, you have to report your net profit on the rent in your Swedish tax return, and pay capital gains tax.

The same rules apply even if you do not reside in Sweden, and have never resided here, but own a completed house or a block of completed flats here. Please read more about your obligations under Moving from Sweden/Living in another country.

More information about property taxation and charges, and about filing a Swedish tax return, is available in the brochures Fastighetsskatt och fastighetsavgift, SKV 296 (available only in Swedish) and Inkomstdeklaration – information till personer som bor i annat land, SKV 342 (in Swedish, English and German).


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