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Marriage contract

A marriage contract is an agreement concerning what will be private property in a marriage. It can be written at any time during a marriage or before it.

What characterises private property is that it is not included in any future division of joint property, i.e. in the property that spouses divide between them if they get divorced, for example. What is not private property is called marital property.

It is always possible to write a new marriage contract making the property that you had made private property marital property again.

In order for a marriage contract to be valid, it must be in writing. You must also register it with the Swedish Tax Agency. The Tax Agency then enters the information on the registered marriage contract in the Marriage Register.

Register a marriage contract

Do the following to register a marriage contract with the Swedish Tax Agency:

  1. Write the marriage contract. Because this can be designed in various ways, there is no special form. It may therefore be a good idea to contact a lawyer for help in wording the marriage contract.
  2. State your personal identity numbers in the marriage contract so that the Tax Agency can check your population registration details.
  3. Sign the marriage contract (both spouses).
  4. Pay an application fee of SEK 275 to the Tax Agency’s bankgiro account 227-5782. State names, personal identity numbers and that it concerns a marriage contract. (Use the message or information field if you pay via the internet.)
  5. Send the original of the marriage contract to the Tax Agency. You do not need to send any copies as you will get back your original when the Tax Agency has registered the marriage contract. Use the following address:

871 87 Härnösand.


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