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Converting registered partnership into marriage

Those who became registered partners in Sweden under the previous Registered Partnership Act can convert their partnership into a marriage. You can do this by submitting a joint written notification to the Swedish Tax Agency or by getting married before an officiant.

Those who have entered into registered partnerships under foreign law do not have this opportunity.

As of 1 May 2009, it is no longer possible to enter into partnerships in Sweden. At this time the previous Registered Partnership Act ceased to apply and the Swedish Marriage Code became gender-neutral. This means that two people of the same sex can get married.

The conversion from partnership into marriage does not affect your rights and obligations. A marriage thus has the same legal significance as a partnership. If you choose not to convert your partnership, you will continue to be registered partners.

Notification to the Tax Agency

If you want to convert your partnership through a joint notification, you write a simple letter concerning this to the Tax Agency. No special form is required. You are married as of the date the Tax Agency receives the letter.


If you instead want to get married, it will suffice to submit a certificate to the officiant that you are registered partners in Sweden. Thus, in order to get married, you do not need to undergo a consideration of impediments to marriage. Once you are married, the officiant informs the Tax Agency that you are married. You are married as of the date of your marriage ceremony.

If you have any questions you can contact the tax information service on +46 771-567 567.


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