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Working as an asylum seeker

You may have the right to work in Sweden while you are waiting for a decision regarding your application for asylum. You will then need to be registered for taxation and receive an A-tax certificate.

Working as an asylum seeker in Sweden – registration

While you are waiting for a decision regarding your application for asylum with the Swedish Migration Board, you may have the right to work in Sweden. If you receive an income you need to apply for a Swedish A-tax certificate. If you are to be taxed, the Swedish Tax Agency will issue a co-ordination number and register you as a tax payer. If the person is later registered in the Swedish population records, the co-ordination number is replaced by a personal identity number.

More information on if you are legally allowed to work as an asylum seeker in Sweden, or not, is available at migrationsverket.se.

How to apply for an A-tax certificate

To apply for an A-tax certificate you need to visit one of the Service offices and present your identification document, the LMA card from the Swedish Migration Board and documents which show that you have an employment. LMA is the abbreviation for The Swedish Law on the reception of asylum seekers (Lagen om mottagande av asylsökande).

A new application needs to be turned in every calendar year.

It is important that you notify the Swedish Tax Agency of any change to your address. Otherwise, you will risk not receiving your income tax return or information regarding your final tax.


When you are employed, you will need an A- tax certificate to give to your employer. Your employer will deduct tax from your salary and pay social security contributions (PAYE) according to your A-tax certificate.

The co-ordination number must be stated in tax returns, income statements and other documents which are submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency.

About the tax return

The income tax return form is sent out in April to all those obliged to submit a tax return. More information on the tax return is available here:



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