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You are moving together with your family, are employed or will be working

As a citizen of a EU or EEA country you have the right to stay in Sweden for three months. To be registered in the Swedish Population Register you must need to move to and intend to live in Sweden for one year or more. You are also required to present documents proving that you have right of residence for at least one year or a residence permit for at least one year.

In order to be registered in the Swedish Population Register (folkbokförd) you need to notify the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) that you are moving to Sweden. This can be done by visiting one of our Tax Agency offices (servicekontor). When you visit the office all members of your family who are moving to Sweden must accompany you, including the children.

» Find your nearest Tax Agency office (in Swedish)

Bring the following documents

You and your family members need to bring the following documents when you visit one of our Tax Agency offices:

Passport or national ID card.

Documents showing you civil status, e.g. marriage certificate.

As unmarried you do not need to show your civil status.

Civil status

The following civil status exists:

  • unmarried
  • married or a registered partner
  • widow or widower
  • divorced.

Birth certificate, if you have children.

Documents showing that you are employed and working or will be working in Sweden.

Pay slips

If you have already begun your period of employment you can also bring pay slips.

Present your employment certificate

If you are working in Sweden you will be required to present an employment certificate (anställningsbevis) from your employer, specifying that you will be performing work in Sweden. 

The employment certificate must be signed by you and your employer and include the following details:

  • your name and your address
  • your employer’s name and address
  • your employer's corporate identity number (organisationsnummer)
  • if you are employed on a fixed-term or indefinite-term basis or on a probationary or temporary basis
  • other employment terms including employment date, period of notice, working hours, holiday leave, salary and benefits
  • description of your duties
  • collective agreement (if applicable).

Documents showing that you are family members.

Bring original documents

Remember that all documents verifying your civil status or your relationships must be the original documents. You can also bring certified copies.

Certified means that someone has attested that the copy conforms to the original document. Another person must sign the copy, write his or her name in block capitals and write their telephone number.

Show that you belong to the same family

Your family member must be able to show that you belong to the same family. He or she can, for  example, show a marriage or birth certificate, or a certificate proving that you have lived together before you moved to Sweden.

Choose the alternative that best applies to you

Choose one of the alternatives to see what documents he or she will need to bring when you visit one of our Tax offices:

Husband, wife, registered partner or child under 21

If you are married, registered as partners or if the person moving with you is a child under 21, you must bring:

Marriage certificate.

Birth certificate.

Family book.

Official transcript from another country's civil registration (civil registry) where your relationship is registered.

Common law spouses

Common law spouses refers to couples who are not married but live together as if married. To be considered common law spouses you must be able to show that you live together as if married. You must bring:

An extract from the Population Register from another country.

A purchase contract of your shared residence.

A lease or insurance policy for your shared residence where you both are listed.

Other family members

If you are over the age of 21, or if you are not the spouse or a common law spouse to the family member you are moving in with, you must bring:

A certificate showing that you were dependent on the family member for support prior to moving to Sweden.

A certificate from an authorised authority showing that you have lived together as family members prior to the family member moving to Sweden.

A certificate showing that you have a serious illness that requires that your family member looks after you personally.

Children under 18

If a child under the age of 18 is planning to move to Sweden all the guardians need to fill out an application. If one of the guardians is abroad, he or she needs to provide written consent for the move to Sweden.

Children over the age of 16 can fill out their own application without their guardians’ written consent.

If you are a citizen from a EU or EEA country

If your family members are citizens from an EU or EEA country they can have their own right of residence if they fulfill any of the following:

  • they are working, performing services or are self-employed
  • they are looking for work
  • they are studying
  • they are self-sufficient.

» More information about moving to Sweden

If you do not have right of residence

If you or your family members do not have right of residence (uppehållsrätt), you are required to have a residence permit (uppehållstillstånd) in Sweden that is valid for one year or more to be registered in the Swedish Population Register.

You can apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Agency.

» To the Swedish Migration Agencys websiteexternal link, opens in new window

To be registered

When you are registered in the Swedish Population Register you will receive a Swedish personal identity number. The Swedish Tax Agency will register the following information:

  • which building and address you live at
  • where you were born and your citizenship
  • your civil status and any relationship to your spouse, children or parent.

If you have income from another country

Please remember that when you move to Sweden and become registered in the Swedish Population Register, you may also be obliged to pay tax in Sweden on income that you receive from another country. Please contact the Swedish Tax Agency if you have such income.

» More information about an obligation to pay tax


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