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Approved attestors when applying for an ID card

If you do not have a valid ID document, you can support your application via what is known as an “approved attestor”. They must come with you when you visit one of the Tax Agency offices.

An approved attestor must:

  • be aged 18 or over
  • be with you when you visit one of our offices
  • know you well and be able to provide proof of their relationship to you
  • be able to identify themselves with an approved and valid ID document
  • certify in writing that your photograph and personal details in your application are correct. It is possible to fill in the application form in advance, however the attestor must always sign the form at the Tax Agency offices, in conjunction with the application.

One of the following persons may be an attestor

  • Your husband, wife or registered partner
  • Your child or grandchild, aged 18 or above
  • Your parent/guardian
  • Your brother/sister or half-brother/half-sister, aged 18 or above
  • Your maternal or paternal grandparent
  • Your common law spouse

For you and your attestor to be deemed common law spouses, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • you live together permanently or have children together. As a rule, you have lived together for at least six months
  • you are in a partner relationship
  • you share the household, meaning you share duties and expenses.

One of the following persons may also be an attestor. They must be a person you have a relationship to and know you well. The attestor must provide a decision or certificate showing the relationship you have to each other:

  • a custodian or trustee
  • a family home parent
  • a civil servant working at a municipal or state authority and with whom you have a professional relationship. For example, they could be a social worker, institutional representative or international coordinator at a state university or higher education institution
  • your employer of at least one year.

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