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Having a child in Sweden when you are not registered here

Have you given birth to a child in Sweden even though you are not registered here? If so, you need to fill in the form Komplettering till födelseanmälan and send it to the Swedish Tax Agency.

 Your child’s birth will then be registered with the Swedish Tax Agency. This is extremely important to, for example, enable you to
• apply for asylum for the child
• apply for a passport for the child
• register the child in another country.

It is particularly important that you enter on the form whether you are married to a person who is registered in Sweden, because, in that case, your child can also be registered.

How to get the form

The form is available at the delivery ward. If you do not fill it in there, it will be sent to the address that you gave when you left the delivery ward. You can also collect the form at a service office. The addresses of all our service offices are given under Kontakta oss (Contact us) on this website, at the top of the page.

How to fill in the form 

Be careful to fill in the form correctly. It is very difficult to alter the information afterwards.


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