How to change your registration

You can change your registration online at, or using the printed form SKV 4639.

Which details can I apply to change?

You can apply to change:

  • from F-tax to A-tax, or from A-tax to F-tax, if you are a sole trader
  • accounting period for employers, from one month at a time to consecutive months or the whole year
  • VAT reporting period and reporting dates
  • VAT reporting method
  • details of business operations – add, remove or change operations
  • information about owners in a closely held company (applies to Swedish limited companies, partnerships and limited partnerships)
  • contact details, such as the company’s postal address, special tax address and telephone number

Find out more about the regulations that apply to your current business type, and what you need to do if you wish to change business type.

If you expand the company and add another business category, you must update the company’s registered information.

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