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You belong to a family that lives in or are moving to Sweden

You can have right of residence if you accompany or move to a family member who already has right of residence in Sweden.

To be registered in the Swedish Population Register (folkbokförd) you must plan to live in Sweden for one year or more. You must bring documents showing that you have right of residence (uppehållsrätt) for at least one year.

Documents showing your family relationship

You and your family member must be able to show that you belong to the same family. You can, for example, show a marriage or birth certificate, or a certificate proving that you have lived together before you moved to Sweden.

Choose the alternative that best applies to you

Choose one of the alternatives to see what documents you will need to bring when you visit one of our Tax offices:

» You belong to the same family as a Swedish citizen

» You belong to the same family as a citizen from another EU or EEA country

You belong to a family that lives in or are moving to Sweden

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