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Electronic tax return

If you are registered as an employer you must fill in an employer’s contributions and PAYE tax return every month. The same applies if you are registered for VAT and do not report VAT in your income tax return.

Payment must be made with a separate paying-in form.

It is possible to submit the VAT and PAYE return in the form of an electronic tax return.

To use an electronic tax return you have to obtain an electronic identification document. The following banks can provide you with an electronic identification document (providing you have a Swedish personal identity number):

Furthermore, you have to report that you want to use an electronic tax return by submitting a form to Skatteverket (tax authority).

A company or an association must, on the same form, notify who is authorized (name and personal identity number) to fill in and sign the electronic tax return. This authorization must be verified by a confirmed copy of a certificate of registration or a confirmed extract from, for example, a resolution of the board of directors or a resolution of the committee.

Most companies can use the electronic tax return but there are, however, still a few limitations. You cannot use the electronic tax return

  • if you submit tax returns only occasionally instead of every month or once a year
  • if two or more persons jointly are authorized to represent your company or association or
  • if you are not a PC-user and you do not have a Java-script activated. We recommend Internet Explorer 5.0, Netscape 4.5 or later versions (not Netscape 6.0, though)
Electronic tax return

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